5 Things Every Photographer should Stop Doing

If you are passionate about what you are doing, then no matter what field you are into learning with be a never-ending process. Photography, being one of the creative areas ever, is not an exception to this fact. Every single day you get into the woods with your DSLR on, you will never hit the bed without learning something new. Mistakes cannot be a part of a profession that is supposed to capture the best part of the moment. But it is quite saddening that almost all photographers except a very few tend to make unforgivable mistakes despite the years of experience they have. So, here some of the things that all photographers should practice.


Things to stop:

If you are a beginner, you should feel blessed because you will learn it good right from scratch. That is why we say habits die and all you so called experienced photographers out there brace yourself!


While it was shocking, sadly many professional photographers admit to the fact that they do not make the fullest use of their cameras. Most of them use their cameras only to click an ordinary picture that any normal person with hands and eyes with do. Of course, a camera is only to click pictures, but not anymore. Today the technology has grown so much that you can make wonders with your DSLR. So make proper use of your photography gear.

Technologically backward:

This mistake is just a different version of the previous one. Once photographers have mastered the art of using one camera, they kind of cling to it without keeping themselves updated. Despite being aware of the fact that every update will make the job more easy and exciting, they stick to age-old techniques and method. If you are technologically backward, you are not here to stay.

Over-Utilisation of technology:

The photographers who belong here are the polar-opposite weirdoes of the above type. They use technology so much so that the basic idea of photography is lost. You make a good photographer only when you capture moments that are as candid and realistic as possible. But with technology people have learned to generate things artificially, and reality is at stake. If you are using computers to incorporate reality, you are winning as a techie but losing as a photographer.

Learn the Rules:

Don’t worry, we are only asking you to learn them not to stick to them. The reason you have to remember the rules is that you can break them effectively and with a purpose. Sometimes you can make good photography only you break the stereotypes and do things out of the box. So, don’t hesitate to learn the rules.

Take a break:

Most professional photographers, who wish to make a mark with their exemplary work, overdo things. They work without resting in and day out. This is not really a good idea. Do not push yourself too much to the edge of what you are doing. This can only make things worse. Take a break if you feel like taking one, and if you feel exhausted it pretty much normal and you need not have to worry.

All the above-stated ideas are have nothing to do with the technical aspect of photography. They are some of the common mistakes that are committed by photographers. Avoid them, and you will discover a better version of yourself.